Shared folder issues after updating SAMBA on Fedora 35

I’m having an issue on Fedora 35: I ran a system update on my laptop yesterday, and then on my desktop today, and then realized I could no longer connect to my SAMBA share on my TrueNAS system. I was able to connect over my Mac, so I ruled out the TrueNAS as an issue. I first rolled back the updates with a Timeshift restore of the previous config, and everything worked. Then, I did the same with my desktop, and after a few tries, it is working as well. My system seems to be updating to x86_64 2:4.15.7-0.fc35 when I do a dnf update, so I’m suspecting this is the problem. Any other ideas here to resolve the issue?

What package is that version for?

If by ‘connect’ you mean in Nautilus, then the issue is documented here:


Thanks, everyone! Using smb://username@host/<share>/ as mentioned in the link provided fixed the problem for the time being as a workaround.

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