Fedora 38 never find my home wifi network

Hi everyone, after re-installing fedora 38 i noticed that it detects all wifi networks around me even my cellphone hotspot , but it doesn’t find my home wifi network. However, my cellphone and macbook connects very well with my home wifi network.

What kind of issue can cause this ?

You say “re-installing”; did the previous Fedora installation detect the network like it should?

In general, the first thing that comes to my mind is that the WLAN card in your PC only supports 2.4 GHz connections, and your Wi-Fi network is 5 GHz only, but if it used to work then that wouldn’t be it.

This may happen when the wireless firmware/driver poorly supports some features such as MAC randomization, power saving, hidden SSID, encryption modes, and other wireless AP parameters.
Some of those can be configured on the client side, while others require AP tuning.
Try configuring your AP using similar settings to other APs that you can see and connect to.

Yes, that’s right. It recognized my home wifi easily. That’s what drives me crazy. I have formatted the drive to get clean re-installation. Even after upgrading packages the situation is the same.

For your information, i haven’t change anything in my wireless router .

What kind of configuration you mean ?