Fedora 38 Kernel 6.2.13 Can't Boot With SELinux Enabled

After I updated from Fedora 37 to 38 I could no longer boot without disabling selinux in grub. I have tried downgrading to the previous kernel but it didn’t work.

I was also having a duplicate package issue I thought was related followed the instructions on another forum: F38 upgrade error: System Is full of duplicate packages after update - #16 by emrexcem

Where I had 200+ duplicate packages, the fix in there worked and distro-sync reports no issues then I reinstalled the kernel after that but no change. When I look at the logging it hangs after starting initrd and never boots

Thank you for your assistance!

You can boot with SELinux disabled and restore filesystem labels as explained here:

Then you need to verify all installed packages and reinstall the ones failing integrity tests:

Thank you so much it worked! I used the first link to redhat and followed the instructions in the warning