After an update, my system won't load past the initial boot screen

I updated my Fedora, then it will not load.

When you first get to that screen, hit esc and see what it is failing on.


Tnx for response
After hitting the Esc button, I got the image below

Hi, when you’re in boot list, press e on the keyboard, use arrow and pointing it to after rhgb quiet, add space and add selinux=0 then press ctrl + x. If you’re successfully boot to your system, run sudo dnf distro-sync to find and install any broken packages.

@oprizal Why? That kernel panic doesn’t have any inkling of being related to SELinux.

@ankh90 Can you try selecting an older kernel?

@qulogic It’s happen after “Starting Switch Root. . .”. Just guessing it related to permission that maybe caused by some broken packages.

But your suggestion to try the previous kernel from the boot list is better.

@ankh90 Please follow @qulogic to select older kernel from the boot list menu.