Fedora 38: After First Update, Sometimes Slow or Failed Boot

After upgrading to 38 from 37 everything went find and was working fine. A few days later the first package updates came in so I installed them. Since then, every few boots it gets past the loading screen but the login screen sometimes takes 20+ seconds to load and various things don’t work right. I have to reboot again to fix it. This morning it happened so I waited to see what was going to happen but after about 20 seconds the mouse appeared for a split second then disappeared to a blinking cursor.

Anyone know why this is happening? It never happened before. Everything seemed to work fine until the first batch of updates came through.

Hello Jim!
The first and the one solution is to install Fedora 38 from installation media in clean mode (with partitions formatting).

No offense, but I’d rather not format the drive. I have a fair bit of work on here that would take a while to setup again. It is more an annoyance than an outright doesn’t work. I was trying to find out if it is a known issue or anyone else experienced this and maybe has a workaround.

After the latest update it happened EVERY boot. I noticed there was an error message from appimaged not being able to see mounted drives which was odd. About 2 cores were being eaten by something but only about 12% usage showed from a KDE security program which didn’t make sense.

I removed appimaged (the app image daemon that checks a few directories for new .appimages and creates menu icons for them), and everything is working fine now.

No idea what appimagd was doing but it was causing high CPU usage and failing in some way.