Fedora 37 kernel 6.13 not booting

Hi everyone,
I have a problem booting Fedora. After updating the system from the software center it leaves me with a black screen just saying “loading kernel 6.13-200 etc etc” and nothing else. I’m new to Linux, so I don’t really now how to fix the problem; if I load the older kernel (6.11) it boots normally and everything works as usual. I use a Huawei Matebook D15, dual-booting Fedora and Windows. Could anyone please help me with this problem?

Right now, the best thing you could do is to boot with older kernel 6.1.1, because everything works, and file a bug on bugzilla for kernel 6.1.13

Ok, thanks for helping

I know this is not the answer you would like, but perhaps debugging the problem is not worth the time spent on it, as long as everything works as it should.
When on the 6.1.11 kernel, erase 6.1.13 in order to make room for new upgrade
without losing the good one.

Ok, thanks, though I don’t know how to do it. Can you please tell me what commands to run in terminal?

You are better off asking for a pointer to the relevant section of the documentation. User who get into a habit of blindly applying commands without understanding what they mean often escalate a small problem into a big problem. The first step should be learning where to find reliable documentation. Fedora users need to be particularly careful because Fedora often adopts new tools before they are widely used, so many popular “easy solutions to linux issues” sites are outdated.

Look at Fedora Package Management. Ask here if there are things you don’t understand (or, even better, contribute improvements here).

Thanks, I’ll read the documentation

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Read Help with first rpm package - #3 by davidva and increase


to 5 in /etc/dnf/dnf.conf

To prevent a particular kernel from upgrading:
sudo dnf install “dnf-command(versionlock)”

sudo dnf versionlock add kernel-6.1.nnnnwhatever

to allow erasing it
sudo dnf versionlock add kernel-6.1.nnnnwhatever

I don’t know if this might be related or not.
On my system with an nvidia GPU when kernel 6.1.12 was installed the boot came up to the login screen as expected. After entering a password the screen went totally black, and just hung there with nothing at all displayed. The same continued even after the upgrade to 6.1.13.

It took me several tries and attempts to figure out exactly the location of the problem, but after some time I identified the location of the error.

I have always continued with using xorg since there has been considerable delay in getting wayland to the point where everything plays well with wayland and nvidia.

Eventually I tried switching the DE to wayland with a login and then the normal display began working again.

Thus, for me, the upgrade to kernel 6.1.12 & 6.1.13 has broken the ability to use the xorg desktop.

I still have not determined if this is wayland, gnome, gdm, or something else, but for now at least I have been forced to switch to wayland and cannot use xorg.

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