Fedora 37 is freezing sometimes

Hello there,

I’m quite new to Fedora and have a problem with my system freezing sometimes.
For about 30 seconds I’m not able to move the mouse and also none of my keyboard inputs are recognized anymore.
I already did some resarch and looked into the kernel logs, where i found the following:

fedora kernel: blacklist: Problem blacklisting hash (-13)

I suspect this to be the underlying problem about my freezing issues.
Then I asked ChatGPT for help about this log, which gave me the following:

The log message “fedora kernel: blacklist: Problem blacklisting hash (-13)” indicates that there was a problem adding an entry to the kernel’s blacklist. The kernel’s blacklist is a list of kernel modules or device drivers that are not allowed to be loaded into the kernel.

The error code “-13” suggests that there was an issue with the kernel’s internal data structures, possibly related to memory management. This could be caused by a number of factors, including a problem with the kernel itself, a problem with the system’s hardware, or a problem with a kernel module or device driver that is attempting to be loaded.

So my question is the following:
could this log about the kernel’s blacklist be related to my freezing issues?
if yes, what can i do about it?

Thanks already

Have you read some of the other posts reporting freezes? Some users have freezes using kernel 6.0.16 but find the problem is not present with 6.0.15.

If you are using 6.0.16, try different kernels: revert to 6.0.15, update to 6.0.17, or test 6.0.18 from The Fedora Updates System.

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I’ve a similar issue, but when I install some software

Hey George,
Thx for your fast reply. I’ve just updated my kernel to 6.0.17. So far I’ve not noticed this issue anymore. Hopefully the issue got fixed in the latest kernel update.

I downgraded the kernel to 6.0.15-300.fc37.x86_64 and now seems working fine. Thanks a lot!

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I’m having similar issues where on kernel 6.0.16 and 6.0.17 my computer freezes shortly after login. It will sit at GDM all day, but around 30 seconds to 2 minutes after login it hard freezes and I can only hit the reset button.

AMD cpu and gpu.

edit: This doesn’t happen on my thinkpad x1

edit2: seems to be something with my smb automount not automounting, maybe?

Yes. Samba is causing freezes in kernels after 6…0.15


Glad to know I’m not crazy.

Yeah - I can’t remember linux doing something like this in a really long time, at least that wasn’t hardware related, so I was pretty worried since hardware is $$$ these days.