Fedora 37/38 on Dell Inspiron 7591 using dell D6000 docking station with multiple monitor setup

hi Guys,

As the question says, I’m currently running windows 11 on Dell inspiron 15 7591 2in1 notebook with dell d6000 docking station with 2 HP monitors. I would love to move to Fedora 37/38 but when I tested the live version of 37/38, they did not detect the external monitors even though the headphone attached to the docking station worked fine.

Any suggestions/guidance would be appreciated as I do not want to install fedora and then have to install another distro or back to windows.

Thank you in advance.


That appears to have an nvidia GPU for the external monitors. It seems most of the docking stations have issues with monitors using the nouveau drivers, and the live image only has the nouveau drivers.

Many have reported success with docking stations with nvidia when using the nvidia drivers.

You may be able to do a dual boot installation of fedora which would allow enabling the rpmfusion repo and installation of the nvidia drivers for testing before you consider wiping out windows.

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Thanks Jeff,

I think I will follow that suggestion and see what happens. Do you think fedora 38 is stable enough to use that image?

Fedora 38 is relatively stable, but is still Beta. I would instead suggest using 37 and upgrade once 38 is released.

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Tks, appreciate it.