Fedora 36 & KDE Plasma 5.25

When i will get the update for KDE 5.25 , I am still on 5.24

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this is already get kde 5.25 update in fedora 36 but next fedora 37 will update to kde 5.26.
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kde/plasma updates sometimes do come mid-release.

That being said, I am not sure if they are planning a 5.25 update to F36 or if it will wait until F37.

This article claims it will come to F36 this month.

I’m away from my system, but i could swear that mine is already running 5.25, as I can do the touchpad gestures.

yes it canbe but it is unlikely to be i think if you have notice it was last year same. if i can correctly remember.

Actually, I think there was mid-cycle upgrade in F35.

Yup, it’s there on bodhi:


When doing sudo dnf update on a Fedora 36 KDE spin installation, it updates to 5.25.

If sudo dnf update does not update KDE to 5.25 on your system:
→ do you have any errors / conflicts when running dnf update ? Feel free to let us know the output of sudo dnf update.
→ what is the output of sudo dnf list plasma-workspace ?

yes i also see that it is actually onright i was wrong sorry about that. i have edited my first comment.

I have Fedora 36 running KDE plasma 5.25.3, it should be available to you too if on Fedora 36.