Fedora 36 (Gnome) - Thunar is missing tumbler dependency in default Gnome installation

as the title says when installing thunar in the default Gnome installation the dependency for tumbler is missing (it doesn’t get installed). Thunar therefore isn’t able to display thumbnails unless the (picture) has been opened manually before. Manually installing tumbler fixes the problem but shouldn’t be required!
Please fix. Thank you! :wink:

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sudo dnf install tumbler did you try to install this way?

This is not the place for bugs to be reported. Please see https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/quick-docs/howto-file-a-bug/ for how to file a bug. This appears to be a packaging bug with a missing dependency.

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It looks like tumbler would be at best a soft optional dependency since it isn’t strictly required to install Thunar but might extend Thunar’s functionality if installed. The maintainer could add it to suggests in the spec. You could always reach out to a maintainer or, better yet, suggest it through Bugzilla.

Alright, thank you! A bug has been fiiled:

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