Fedora 36 Bumblebee Optimus or turning off Nvidia card


I am looking for a way to turn my discrete card off or if even possible to install bumblebee

My cpu is a i5 2410m and the discrete card is a 540m

not demanding anything just trying to understand if is possible to use fedora on my laptop going forward

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Welcome to :fedora: I think by default fedora would use intel iGPU unless you tell it use the nvidia gpu.
Is it using the nvidia by default , did you changed it to nvidia in any way. And yes you can use fedora because you want to use iGPU which is rarely the case as everyone else wants to use the discrete gpu. So rest assured I think you would find it much easier to stick to intel igpu than the other way around.

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But does that mean that it also turns off the nvidia card so that some power is saved?

I don’t know about nvidia as I have an Intel/amd
setup and from what I have heard that’s what happens on these hybrid GPU setup. Unfortunately support for hybrid GPU setup is not that great in Linux it might work or not depending on the hardware.

Yes and no. The driver must be loaded and the dGPU is powered on 100% of the time. That does not mean it is processing graphics and using more than standby power though, thus power usage is minimal unless you are explicitly using that GPU.

Some have seen serious negative affects by not loading the drivers, and most systems do not allow disabling the GPU or powering it off. You might be able to disable it on some bios versions, but certainly not all.