Fedora 34 Release Date? And Workspace gesture

Hello Guys,

In a post from DebugPoint quotes

Fedora 34 Release Dates

Fedora 34 beta releases between March 16, 2021 and March 23, 2021
Fedora 34 final release expected on April 20, 2021.

Has Beta version released ? If yes, How can we test that out…

and It also talks about Horizontal workspace… I remember that I mistakenly deleted the horizontal workspace extensions… How can I reinstall the horizontal workspace…
Suggested by Fedora community
And does that support the three finger gesture… If not Can there be any ways of initializing the three finger gesture.

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Today. Releases are officially at 14:00 UTC — so the beta is today 2021-03-23T14:00:00Z.


These are part of Gnome shell now and they don’t depend on extensions. It’ll work out of the box.


You can test in three possible ways:

  1. Download a Live image from https://getfedora.org, boot to that, and play around without installing.
  2. Same, but install to a VM (or even a spare system).
  3. Be bold and upgrade your existing system using dnf system-upgrade. This is the same procedure as you would use to update to a final release, and as you apply updates this will (unless we find serious problems!) seamlessly transition to the final release.

Of course with #3 there are going to be bugs, but it’s the best way to get the full experience — and to help test.


Fedora Magazine is always a great ressource - it will also link to beta images: https://fedoramagazine.org/announcing-the-release-of-fedora-34-beta/

The fastest way to learn about a release is the Announce mailing list: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/announce@lists.fedoraproject.org/

And finally, the release schedule is here: https://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-34/f-34-key-tasks.html


If I selected no. 3, do I have to do this again when final release strikes ?

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There is a small chance that some bug will require manual steps, but normally just applying updates as normal will take you from the beta to the final release, with no special steps required.


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@afdrnk I am so sorry but I didn’t get you what you said…

@superadmin, @afdrnk was asking if he has to perform system-upgrade again after F34 beta turns final.

And, the answer is no. When you system-upgrade to releasever=34 now, all you need to do to receive the final release packages is to continue “normal” system updates (sudo dnf update)


Thank you so much.
This is my first time with beta version after I have been being with Fedora since Fedora 27.
So happy with Fedora 34 even though I have to wait for 3 GNOME extensions, namely Dash to Panel, Extensions, OpenWeather and Lock Keys shortly.

It is often the case that the extension authors have a branch in git that tracks the new release, and by getting that and installing locally you can get your extensions going again before they’re officially available.


However, it is to be noted that there are significant changes to gnome-shell in version 40, which impact extensions and their development.
None of the 3.38 extensions will work in Gnome 40 out of the box, see Extensions Rebooted: Porting your existing extensions to GNOME 40 – GNOME Shell & Mutter


If the final version won’t come out till about April, and the beta has just been released this week, which version of Fedora 34 have I been running for the last month? I did a fresh upgrade on top of Fedora33 and everything is working.
Which version could I possibly be running?



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There’s really not multiple versions within a release — there’s just one Fedora Linux 34 branch. Right now, Rawhide, our development branch, is F35. When we get closer to the time for that release (currently, scheduled for August 10th), we will create a new “F35” branch, and Rawhide will become F36. That F35 branch doesn’t have a special name initially — we usually just call it “branched”. It sounds like that’s what you have been running (the Fedora Linux 34 branch). At a certain point, we release a beta from that branch, after which you might say you’re running F34 beta rather than branched, but it’s really the same thing. And the release is the same way — that’s why you don’t have to do anything special to go from the beta to the final.

Does that make sense?


A bit confusing. So you are saying I upgraded to a branch (?) now comes the beta, and then the final version of Fedora34. That I understood. Where I am not clear is, do I have to do anything else for the final version or will it automatically be up to date with the updates that I do everyday?

Thanks for your quick response.

Since there’s just one stream, all you need to do is to keep applying updates. At least normally. Since it is not the final release, there is always the small chance you will need to take some manual step to work around a problem, but this is unusual and if it happens we’ll send out announcements.

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So either just do my daily updates, or if I choose, do an upgrade when the final release comes out?

Okay, thanks for your response. Have a nice time and stay healthy.


Daily, weekly, whatever. :slight_smile: (Unless of course there is a serious security problem, then do it right away.) There will probably be a lot of updates for the next two weeks, and then on April 6 we enter freeze for the final so updates will slow down until after the release again.

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Thanks, take care