Fedora 34 Release Date? And Workspace gesture

Sorry for cutting in for I’m so exited upon reading your explanation.
I’m sure I, an ordinary user, have come on the right way.
Within six months after leaving MS Windows a few years ago, I tried a lot of distros.
But finally I got settled on Fedora 27 and have been being with Fedora until now, Fedora 34 Beta.

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Yess … you can follow it while check the command `hostnamectl’

Fedora 34 (Mate Compiz) before beta it was Fedora 34 (Mate Compiz - Prerelease), I installed from a weekly/daily build.

Hi ,

thanks for the info.

At the moment, I reinstalled Fed. 33. I’ll just wait for the final F34 release and then do a system upgrade.



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