Fedora 34 / Gnome 40 keep getting frozen on Acer Predator Triton 500 (PT515-51)

I’ve been a happy Fedora user for a few years but I am now encountering many problems with that distro since I upgraded to fedora 34 a few months ago.
Since the latest upgrade, my laptop keeps getting completely frozen and I have to use the physical button to power it off and reboot.

Detailed symptoms: when I wake it up from sleep mode, I have to enter my password twice, the first attempt is always marked as a wrong password. Then in about 50% of cases the UI gets frozen right after the screen is unlocked. And when it doesn’t happen at that point, then it will ultimately freeze if I keep using the laptop for a while (let’s say about 45mn).
A couple of weeks ago, I did a complete clean re-install of the system (even using the new BTRFS default) but that didn’t help.

Does anyone has a similar experience? Suggestions?

I have no idea whether this is due to fedora or to gnome 40 but it crashes all the time! If I can’t fix that problem I will sadly have to move to another distro.


Welcome to ask.fedora @ben_f.

There are quite a lot of topics about system freezing, you might have to read a bit more about in existing topics.

A good idea is also to give more information about your system. Might be that you put your brand and model name of your computer in the title. Users with this kind of hardware will pay more attention to your topic this way.

Hello @ilikelinux

I’ve had the issue since the upgrade early May, so I already visited many blogs and topics on this but didn’t find anything similar myself, that’s why I’m now asking.
My laptop is Acer Predator Triton 500 (PT515-51), I will edit the topic’s title as suggested.