Fedora 34 freezes after some time

After Fedora 34 fresh install whole UI freezes after some time of use, I could hear the whining sound from the fan when things freezes. I have to long press power button to power off and turn back on, this is quite annoying. When UI is frozen I can move the mouse pointer around, but not responsive to clicks, not responsive to key presses either.

While this issue not seems to be app specific, here is some interesting observation. When I was watching a video with VLC, video still playing but rest of the UI is frozen, may be this have something to do with Gnome 40.

Please help me to fix this.

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So far I encountered this type of hard free once - it suddenly happened and the fan is spinning at maximum speed.

After long press power button to reboot, I can see no errors in systemd journal near the time of freeze.

I have no idea on how to further investigate.

Did u find a solution ?. I am stuck at this

In my case it was an extension which was causing this, try disabling extensions.