Fedora completely freezes

Sorry if my question is posted unprofessionally, but recently after upgrading the kernel and installing extra RAM my Fedora constantly crashes. It just crashed while I’m typing this. I’m really sad because I don’t know if it’s the RAM I installed but the PC completely locks and I have to restart using power button

edit: It doesn’t even show an error in problem reporting

edit2: Sometimes I can use the system for hours and other times it freezes after a short use.

Intel i5 8265U
Lenovo Ideapad S145

Have you tried retiring the new extra RAM and check if it still got frozen?

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No I haven’t but the RAM is a transcend 4Gb laptop RAM I bought brand new just yesterday.

Two things I would recommend.

  1. Remove the new RAM and see if the problem goes away. If it does then the problem is likely the new RAM. It may be memory that is incompatible with the machine or the already installed RAM.

  2. Run memtest86 and see if it reports errors. This is another way to see if the new RAM is potentially at fault for the freezes. I suggest letting it run at least 4 full passes so the memory is fully tested. Again, it will tell you if the new memory is incompatible either with the older memory or the machine itself.

From your description I would not rely on “I just bought it”, but instead would suspect that since the problem appeared after it was installed the RAM may be the cause.


Hello everyone I’m sorry for the late reply. I did some reading and what I found out was for some reason the processor I use and some others have this problem if you pair it with 8GB of RAM on the laptop. The problem seemingly was cpu freq, because I boost it using cpu-freq to the 100% 3.9GHz I also allowed the lower threshold to be 10%. Previously it was 20%. I will tell y’all if anything comes up but it’s been stable since.