Fedora 34 broadcom-wl

Hi all,

Just installed Fedora 34 on my MacBook Pro and went ahead, like usual, and installed rpmfusion free & nonfree and did the old $ sudo dnf install broadcom-wl… but for some reason it didn’t do the trick to get the WiFi working.

Has anyone gotten their broadcom card running on fedora 34 yet?

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No experience with broadcom-wl on MacBook, but a quick search presented a lot of similar questions, one of which is:

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Hi. Got working WiFi on MacBookPro10,2 with Fedora WS 34 and with Fedora Silverblue 34. Had to enable RPMFussion free and non-free, then install akmod and broadcom-wl. And then rebooted couple of times before WiFi started working.

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Interesting. I’ll install 34 again and give your solution a go :grinning:

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I managed, after huge headaches, to get it the WiFi working. And as always the solution wasn’t that hard, just hard to find :smiley:

Steps needed:

Get internet access, I got it through bluetooth tethering.

$ sudo dnf install akmod-wl

“kernel-devel” is needed but building wl fails with the preinstalled package.

$ sudo dnf install buildsys-build-rpmfusion-kerneldevpkgs-current

$ sudo akmods --force --kernel ‘uname -r’ --akmod wl

$ sudo reboot

Done :smiley:


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