Fedora 33 - Display configuration

Recent upgrade to Fedora 33 and I’m having trouble with my monitor setup. I have 3 monitors, 2 Dell 23" wide and an LG 27". The Dells are detected and working fine by themselves, however, with the LG in the mix I’m having some issues.

The LG is detected as a 22", resolution is fine at 1980x1020, and aligns with the other monitors. The problem is the right dell monitor doesn’t seem to have a “top” of the screen so I can’t drag windows to the top to maximize them, the just move off the screen unless I move very slowly to get the mouse pointer to just top the edge of the display. This wasn’t an issue on F32, but I was also working on Wayland versus X11 - I’ve run into a couple issues on Wayland that required me to move to X11.

Is there a way to manually set or force redetect of the LG monitor, if it matters on the size (22" versus 27"). Also, how can I set a vertical Y limit on the second Dell monitor so I can maximize windows?