After restart, AMD sets the dimensions of the desktop larger than the monitor so the taskbar is off screen

I am using Fedora 34 64-bit with Gnome 40.7 and Wayland.

I have a Mesa Intel® UHD Graphics 630 (CML GT2) / AMD® Verde graphics setup. This was working a few months ago without issues. It is possible one of the upgrades in the past two months broke something, but I also took the graphics card out, used Fedora, and then put it back in which may have caused the issue.

Windows 10 does not have this issue.

The issue:

  1. Start the system from a shutdown.
  2. The desktop spills over the screen driven by the AMD® Verde (the window dimensions are larger than the screen dimensions), but there is nothing wrong with the screen driven by the Mesa Intel® UHD Graphics 630 (CML GT2) .
  3. Open the display settings and apply literally any change to the screen driven by the AMD® Verde. Then switch the setting back to what it was and apply, therefore the settings are exactly the same as they were during startup. The screen driven by AMD® Verde now has the correct desktop dimensions.
  4. Shut down the system
  5. Repeat

Is there a way to fix this?

The display is sized/configured initially by the data received from the monitor.

Your post says nothing about the monitor you are using but I often see exactly what you describe when switching from a dedicated monitor to a tv for the display. The fix there has been to set the tv to not overscan. Thus the fix has been in the tv/monitor and not in fedora itself.

In this case, it means the auto-detect between your Fedora and your Monitor is not working fully.

In this case, I usually will try:

While Fedora is up and running:

  • power off / on the monitor again
  • or, do a “Reset to Factory setting” at the monitor end

And see if it helps.

May be you could also try to toggle “Adjust for TV” option. Go to Gnome Settings → Displays, then select the appropriate monitor and at bottom option there should be an option “Adjust for TV” then toggle it on or off.

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See step 3. Why would resetting a setting make the screen the correct size?

Adjust for TV makes it too small, and then when I revert the setting, the screen is the correct size.

I ended up switching from Gnome to KDE and the issue is gone. On another note, so are the random system errors.

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