Fedora 32 installing latest pacakges destryed boot and grub

Just updated Fedora 32 with the latest packages and kernel 5.9.10-100 (basically dnf upgrade) and broke up grub:

any reason why something like this could happen?

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Try to isolate the issue:

  • Force file system check.
  • Boot with another kernel.
  • Verify RPM package integrity.
  • Reinstall the kernel/GRUB.

no access to any kernel neither rescue mode.

Boot a Fedora live session and use chroot.


ok, any idea why has happened? (first time that a dnf upgrade broke the system.)

I think that DNF upgrade is not the root cause.
It would be easier to guess if you troubleshoot the issue.

it’s not, but that was the only operation i did after booted the OS and then reboot when it finished.
And then had the grub issue.
Anyway regenerating grub2 config and installing as the article you posted resolved the issue.
But still i have no clue why has happened in the first place… :slight_smile:


After the switch do BLS (F30), I saw some issues with grub2 on computers where I used grub-customizer before. Maybe some custom changes you made didn’t agree with some upgrade?
dnf history info last and journalctl -eb-1 should shed some light on what happened (you might need to tweak parameters to find the right update and boot logs).


I didn’t find anything particular on journal and dnf history.
As far as i recall i haven’t done any custom change to grub2… maybe some other apps… can’t remember for sure.

Anyway during that dnf upgrade i just noticed that required quite a lot of time updating selinux policies, but that shouldn’t be related.

Anyway not sure why it has happened unfortunately.

This kind of issue is typically related to interrupted upgrade process, or a file system failure.
It could be a result of hardware failure, or some conflict specific for dual boot configurations.
In addition, it’s also possible due to messing with system files and configs.
It’s best to check the disk SMART status and verify RPM packages integrity.