During upgrade to kernel 5.10.16 system Freez and stop working, no new kernel on grub

I use Fedora 33 with gnome, today when I run

dnf update

I see a new kernel is coming and I start to update my system,
during the update process, after download kernel 5.10.16 and try to install it, the system Freez and stop working and I have to reboot Fedora by the power button,
after reboot, I do not have kernel 5.10.16 on the grub menu and I can not log in with kernel 5.10.16 and I see kernel 5.10.13 in the grub menu
How I can solve this problem and boot Fedora by kernel 5.10.16?

In your case, I will do:

Check the kernel versions installed:
rpm -qa | grep kernel

If the version is not reported as installed, do dnf update again

If the version is reported as installed, do

$sudo dnf reinstall kernel kernel-core kernel-modules


Force file system check:

Rebuild RPM database:

sudo rpm --rebuilddb

And try to reinstall the kernel:

sudo dnf remove kernel\*-5.10.16
sudo dnf upgrade