Fedora 33,Gnome, Kernel 5.10.15, system Freez and stop working

I use Fedora 33 with gnome and yesterday after I run sudo dnf update, and updated Fedora, a new kernel is installed. the new kernel is 5.10.15, before 5.10.15 everything was good, but after update, the kernel to 5.10.15 my Lenovo E590 Freez and I can not use it, So when the system starts booting I use kernel 5.10.14 and everything is OK, I think 5.10.15 is not compatibility by my hardware.
right now I use kernel 5.10.14
when I boot by kernel 5.10.15 sometimes the system Freez during boot and sometimes Freez after I login in Gnome.
When I boot by 5.10.15, the system stop working and I have to restart Fedora by the power button,