Fedora 32 adaptarlo para educacion hija 9 años

Hola a todos, he instalado fedora 32 kde y he visto varias distribuciones dedicadas a unas u otras cosas.
Me interesa la de educacion para mi hija de 9 años, en Octubre cumple 10, le gusta el Pc y busco poder instalar aplicaciones educativas que la ayuden, creo que linux es ideal, pero probe suse y fracase, ahora estoy con fedora y soy novel en fedora, vengo de Linux Mint Debian en Linux.
¿ hay un paquete educatico que se pueda instalar?
¿Si no lo hay que programas o repositorios me aconsejais?

Bueno lo primero que tienes que hacer es lo siguiente:

  1. (Instalar los Plug-ins para poder ver videos y Música) [Installing plugins for playing movies and music :: Fedora Docs]
  2. Crear un cuenta aparte para su hija.
  3. Instalar un Control parental, para controlar el numero de horas delante del equipo, desconexion automatica, etc. Disponible para KDE →
    • kchildlock.x86_64 : KDE Parental Control Application
    • sudo dnf install kchildlock
  4. Puedes buscra la lista de paquetes que se encuentran el el repositorio principal:
    • dnf search child
  5. Lista de posibles Programas
      1. Kanagram
        Kanagram is a KDE letter-order game that aims to build children’s vocabulary by teaching them words. It features a responsive GUI, several word lists, a word list editor, and a system that enables hints and cheats (which reveals the complete word).
      1. GCompris
        GCompris is an awesome suite of applications with 100+ engaging activities such as drawing, algebra, quizzes, reading practice, memory games, tic-tac-toe, chess, etc.
      1. Tux Paint
        Tux Paint is a cross-platform award-winning drawing program targetted at children between the ages of 3 and 12 and it is used in schools to teach children how to paint using computer software.
      1. ChildsPlay
        ChildsPlay is a free app for Linux and Windows platforms featuring a collection of educational activities for children including the English alphabets, spelling, maths, Pacman, puzzles, etc.
      1. KStars
        The KStars app is part of the KDE Education project and it is an astronomy software with an accurate simulation of the night sky from any location in the world at any time. It includes 100 million+ stars, comets, asteroids, the sun and moon, etc.
      1. KWordQuiz
        KWordQuiz is an open-source general-purpose flashcard app for learning vocabulary and concepts in various other subjects like anatomy, music, history, etc. whose files you can download for free.
      1. Scratch
        Scratch is a visual programming language and online community that aims to teach people (especially children) how to program using simple block-like interactions. Its projects are online but it get be set up on Linux distros to work offline.
      1. Celestia
        Celestia is a free and cross-platform real-time 3D simulation app that lets you visualize space by exploring the universe in 3 dimensions. It allows you to travel beyond the galaxy with seamless movement with excellent zoom capabilities and visuals of comets, stars, planets, asteroids, etc.
      1. TuxMath
        is an application that presents mathematics in the form of a game where you take on the role of the main character, Tux , who is to protect his planet from math problems which literally rain down.
  6. Tambien hay una lista en KDE → /categories/education/


Todo esto sin incluir ningun repositorio adicional

Saludos y Un Feliz Aprendizaje


Muchas gracias por tu ayuda: