Fedora 30 network issues from a newb

I use TeamViewer. It works fine on Fedora 29 while logged into XORG, but on Fedora 30 I get the could not connect to partner error. I’ve replicated this three times on three fresh installs of Fedora 30. I just wiped my SSD again, reinstalled Fedora 29, and it works fine.

This problem extends to Plex. It will not allow any connections from outside networks. And again, it works fine on Fedora 29.

Were you using X.org on fedora 30?

It could very well be a firewall thing. Try disabling it by either using the new advanced network connections application or firewall-config to set the firewall zone to dmz (but fedoraserver could work too, I wouldn’t know. Just try them all out on a trusted network).

Firewall-config is the better app, you could enable the particular services that you want.

Hi, yes, I was using XORG exclusively during the trials.

Thanks, will try it fiddling with the firewall later today!

No joy, I’m afraid. Firewall, no firewall, same problem. I’ve switched back to W10 for now. I’ll have to designate a system to Fedora and fiddle with it there.

Could also be selinux… I’d try disabling as a test.

sudo setenforce 0

Hi All,
I had a similar VERY STRANGE problem and disable selinux don’t want to resolve this drama.
I think that is a bug regarding the network interface with fedora 30.
with more precision my problem is that I can’t upload NOTHING and if I want to post on forum is impossible too, I hope can post here.
I’ve just try tp disable also all firewall but nothing if I try to make a speed test in upload I fail the test like if I try to upload something with filezilla the only thing that I can see is a zero byte file uploaded.
suggestions ?