Failure to install on harddrive

I got this error code: Failed to set new efi boost target. This is most likely a kernel or firmwarebug.

Is there a fix?

Not enough info to answer.
Where & when do you get the error?
What release are you installing?
What hardware?

Are you trying to install as the only OS or dual boot?
Installing from USB, DVD, or netinst?

I get the error message part way through the install process with the option to continue or quit and a note that says system will not boot if I continue.
I’ve tried installing Fedora 37 using both FedoraMediaWriter-osx-latest.dmg and Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-37-1.7.img.dmg converted from .iso from a USB drive. Fedora runs ok off the USB drive but won’t install on the hard drive.
I’m trying to install as the only OS (I’ve deleted all the MacOS stuff now in the install process) on an old MacBook (not sure details)

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Installing on a Mac is out of my ballpark. Maybe someone else has suggestions.

It helps if you give us the full info since we cannot answer questions with only a small fraction of the info, including that you are installing on a Mac and not a standard intel architecture machine.