F40 Silverblue Installation problem

I get the following error during the first boot after installing Fedora 40 Silverblue on my NVME device:

Any suggestions?



Can you edit the kernel command line in GRUB and remove the quiet parameter to get more logs?

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Added emergency-mode, selinux, sulogin

Thank you for your reply. Here is the error message without the quiet parameter:


The actual error is likely in the logs before that. If you can, try to scroll back and get more logs.

Sorry, there is no “scroll back” facility on my monitor.

Tried videoing the screen: my camera records in AVI 320x240 format for a 14Mb file (which is not an accepted upload file format), which converts to a 60Mb WEBP file, which is larger than the 4Mb file upload limit…


You can usually scroll back using the Shift + PageUp/Down.

Or you can try plugging in a USB drive, mounting it and then copying the logs from the journal there.

No luck with “Shift + PageUp/Down” or “Scroll Lock” during boot.

Plugging in a USB caused various system messages to appear on the monitor. However, I have no prompt to issue commands.

I poked around with the installation recovery options that come with the USB installer: no joy there.

I’m going to try to install F40 again; just need to change the NVME drive from MBR to UEFI.

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