F39 invalid image booting from KDE live USB

The error message appears after the UEFI on selecting the UEFI USB boot media.

The boot will continue with the next available option to boot from your system (previous installation), old boot records on the hard drives (or just existing disk flags) will fall to grub prompt.

my motherboard model is ASUS Q87M-E with UEFI BIOS last version.

The workaround proposed in media do not boot on certain motherboards was partially successful replacing the BOOTX64.EFI by the grubx64.efi , then I managed to start booting the LIVE USB until it failed again with:

Warning: dracut-initque: timeout, still waiting for the following initqueue hooks:

then looping the dracut-initqueue

Once workaround was as suggested in F37 Invalid image error while booting

Another solution (more painful) clean up all boot partitions on the HDD I did it personally by

dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sdXX

and then making a label with parted

mklabel gpt

If you still have disk flags the solution 1 might work (when the boot throws you to GRUB prompt)

Hope this helps someone. Cheers.