(F37) tracker not working

so, updated today from workstation 36 to 37 and to my surprise tracker is not working at all, every command i try i get a command not found message and applications like music or phots are of course not working due to this

tried installing it but it’s already installed and reinstalling it does not help at all, any ideas?

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Can you give us an example please? I’m on F37 here and tracker (and linked apps like photos etc.) works fine.

$ rpm -qa \*tracker\*
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all of the sudden it started working again, i will leave the thread open to see if the issue is just gone after having used your command, or it just simply gone, thank you anyway…

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My command shouldn’t have made a difference since it only queries the rpm database but does not really interact with tracker.

I have, in the past, cleaned up the tracker metadata and re-generated it. You can try that next time if it happens again:

tracker3 reset -h

$  tracker reset [OPTION…]

Help Options:
  -h, --help           Show help options

Application Options:
  -s, --filesystem     Remove filesystem indexer database
  -r, --rss            Remove RSS indexer database
  -f, --file=FILE      Erase indexed information about a file, works recursively for directories

Lots of manual pages on tracker too. Try:

apropos tracker

to see them all.