F36Beta: Previously-masked systemd services were unmasked during upgrade

I use tlp and tlp-rdw on my laptop to manage power/performances modes, and enable/disable the WiFi radio. With F35 this was working fine.

On Friday I did an in-place upgrade to F36 Beta, and this morning I realized that two default services that I had masked (so that tlp could do its job) were unmasked during the upgrade.

Specifically, power-profiles-daemon.service and systemd-rfkill.service were unmasked. Since masking creates a symlink (to /dev/null) in /etc/systemd/system, which is a user-managed directory, I was quite surprised that the upgrade removed the symlinks.


This may be worth reporting a bug about, or discussing on the -devel list so we know what the expected behaviour is. I agree that user managed configuration files in /etc should not be replaced—the packaging guidelines require us to not touch existing files in there. So this could be either a packaging bug or an upgrade related bug?

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Moved to the -devel list.