External monitor resolution problem


I’ve installed Budgie Atomic on my Dell XPS 9315 and it is fantastic, save for a few quirks.

I have a portable monitor that connects through USB-C and is correctly detected by the system and happily works as one would expect. The problem is it being twice the resolution as the laptop display: 3840x2400 v. 1920x1200 so everything is half the size (or a fourth the size depending on how you prefer your math).

Using the Budgie Control Settings > Displays, I set the display of the external monitor to 200%. Applying the setting states the system needs to be restarted to take effect. I guessed only the X system does, but regardless of logging out and back in or restarting results in both screens being zoomed to 200%. The external monitor looks correct and the laptop display is not. The Displays settings indicates both are 200%. Setting the laptop display to 100% results in both displays being set to 100%.

Is there some way to ensure the displays are set to the correct zoom for the corresponding screen? It seems the Display settings wants to keep them the same zoom setting.