Evolution S/MIME signing error on new system

I just copied over my evolution data from one old system to a new one. The old one was an old Gentoo system, the new one is Fedora 36. I had no trouble signing emails with S/MIME on the old system, but now I am getting an error “Detailed error: Uknown error. (-8016) - Cannot add SMIMEEncKeyPrefs attribute”. I had seen posts around about a similar error (different number, and instead of Uknown (sic), it mentioned not trusting a cert ), but that doesn’t really seem to apply to me here as the CA is trusted according to Evolution.

I tried deleting and re-importing the cert, but the result was the same. Google searches didn’t come up with much in the way of results on this. If anyone has any thoughts on what could be causing it, I would be very appreciative.

Probably differences in the version of evolution and the auth protocols used. There have been changes in the allowed protocols and with switching from an older gentoo system to newer fedora it appears likely that may be your issue.

I just checked, and both are running evolution 3.44.4 with EWS, and both of those are on the same version, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that any tweaks done by the distributions are the same as well. I was looking through Apps/Evolution/Debugging - GNOME Wiki! to see if I could get some more log into, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to get details about signing messages