Stuck in thunderbird s/mime problem

hello fedora folks,
after years of using debian and for lots of reasons, I switched to fedora/gnome.
I am really happy with this move and plan to continue this way.
but I have a small problem I don’t understand (and which could possibly be not related to fedora).
I use thunderbird as mail client and even if I could get my old backup (from my debian pc) to work on fedora, I can’t send or receive encrypted s/mime emails.
even if all certificates are here, whenever I try to send a s/mime email, I get an error message saying there is no certificate for the destination address even if I can’t find it in the thunderbird configuration and it seems to be ok and non expired (in the console, I have a message saying NS_ERROR_FAILURE).
does someone have had the same kind of problem or could know where I could find some debug infos helping me to understand what is happening ?
thanks and keep the good work :slight_smile:

Could be one of these s/mime bugs

Hi @walt73 and @jp.vitulli Good to meet you here,
A conversation list for s/mime PGP and e2ee is here Topicbox

thanks guys,
it seems it’s a known and old bug in thunderbird.
I added a comment in bugzilla.mozilla.
hope it can help.

thanks for the clue.

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