Gpg2/gpg-agent and evolution on Fedora33

I have encountered some problems using pgp with evolution and seahorse.

  1. When I import a new public key, I cannot set the level of trust neccessary for mail-encryption, which is ultimate. I have to do that via console. That’s not comfortable, but I can live with that.
  2. More annoying is, that I cannot enter my passphrase anymore in the Dialog Window which opens when trying to read an encrypted mail. It keeps on telling my the passphrase is not correct. As far, as I can assess this dialog window comes from the gpg-agent.
    When I enter the passphrase however on the console, it works with the same passphrase. Then of course I can also read my encrypted mails, as it is cached by gpg-agent for some time. So I definetely know my passphrase. Recollecting correctly, that issue wasn’t there on Fedora 31, which I used before.

Has anybody else experiences in using pgp/evolution with seahorse and has encountered similar problems, or even found the solution? Could that be a encoding issue?

Thanks for sharing any information.

Try to remove the key from Evolution and import it again, as it used to have a separate secure storage with its own passphrase unrelated to Seahorse if I remember correctly.

In addition, there were some issues with Seahorse on F33, so you may want to test F34 VM to verify if your problem persists on the latest release.

Thanks for your reply and sorry for the late feedback. Reimporting the key hasn’t change anything.

In F34 everything works again as expected.