Evolution Flatpak - Printing email to file gives directory error

In case anyone else is having this issue - I have recently been getting an error printing emails from the Evolution flatpak (source flathub.org) to a pdf file. Fails with a print path error after the print job has been submitted from the print dialog.

Error reported is:

The printer replied “Error opening file “/var/home/joe/Downloads/test-print.pdf”: No such file or directory”.

From the error it appears that the specified file path has had junk characters inserted into it which results in the failure to find the target directory. Issue consistently effects printing emails - calendar events and tasks seem ok.

This effects the flathub.org of the Evolution flatpak - I do not see this error when using the Fedora flatpak (registry.fedoraproject.org) version. So an obvious workaround is to use the Fedora version.

Desktop is Fedora 33.20201118.0 (Silverblue), Gnome Version 3.38.1.

I have opened a bug report on the Gnome GitLab site:

This is the effect of WebKit sandboxing. Since Evolution itself is already sandboxed in flatpak, I’m going to turn off the webkit sandboxing (in the update that is coming today) until there is some solid solution to this.

Just tried version 3.38.2 (2020-11-20 14:26:06) and this issue is addressed. Thanks very much for looking into this. Learnt something today - had never even thought of Evolution utilizing WebKit. Thanks again.