Evaluation of Discourse (this forum)

Hey everyone!

Now that we’ve given this some time, what do people think about using this forum vs. the email list?

My personal feelings are very positive. The engagement is higher, contributions are higher (we have no problem filling the publishing schedule every week), the long queue of article proposals is basically zero, because we can see it here and react very fast, etc.

I propose:

  • We stay on this forum
  • We decommission the old mailing list

+1 for sticking with Discourse. The mailing lists always seemed cluttered and hard to follow. I found them off-putting and spent very little time using them.


On a similar note: I don’t understand why there’s ask.fedoraproject.org and this board? I have accounts on both, but why not just bring it all together into one?


In addition, there is fairly popular fedoraforum.org.
Unfortunately, it makes Fedora community too fragmented.
And the difference between ask.fedoraproject.org and discussion.fedoraproject.org is not obvious.
This just adds to the confusion for newbies.


Unfortunately, it makes Fedora community too fragmented.

Exactly. I used to be active on one of these sites a lot. I came back (I thought) after a while and all my posts were reset and I had to sign back up. This was on ask and I was like “Where’s all the Core OS related stuff?”. Then I found out there’s this board too.

I like helping people out with Fedora related stuff as well as getting help from a great community. Between this board, ask, fedora forums, and r/Fedora, it’s pretty fragmented and I think it hurts the community more than it helps.

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As someone who is not part of the magazine in any way, this allows me to read the discussion about future articles and contribute to it if I feel like it. This would be really hard and awkward using mailing lists.


I agree with moving the Magazine discussions here.

As for crossover with other sites, I don’t think that’s a topic for this discussion, since this is only about what we do to support the Magazine. People can bring the general topic up in the project wide discussions if they feel strongly about it, of course.

The mailing lists are a lot easier to work with, and response times are
generally much lower on the mailing lists. Additionally, there’s no real
censorship on the mailing lists, where we have seen repeated cases of
censorship on Discourse.

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The mailing lists have a helpful web interface that allows you to read the
list and respond without subscribing to them. This is over at:


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I am +1 on staying with Discourse, although I didn’t mind the mailing list, it wasn’t the only reason to try Discourse as you noted.

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Since the folks who are active in Magazine participation clearly prefer Discourse, and we’ve seen a substantial increase in community involvement using it, the choice seems clear to me.