Errors after recent update

After installing the update on Dec 23, I have lost three-finger swipe on my trackpad and also an Electron app is now simply displaying a blank window.

Please let me know what is needed to troubleshoot, or perhaps I should just be patient until the next update? In the meantime, I have rolled back the update and all is well.

Fedora 39 x86_64
Kernel: 6.6.7-200
GNOME 45.2

Update: After rolling back the update, I re-applied it and now all is well :man_shrugging:

I’m facing the same problem, I tried to rollback using sudo dnf history undo <ID> but I just got a bunch of ‘packages are not available’. How do I proceed with the rollback?

I’m no expert, so I was happy to have installed btrfs-assistant. This made the rollback simple and seamless using Snapper. Timeshift also works well for this type of rollback but unfortunately if you didn’t previously install one of these, perhaps someone else here can chime in to help.

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I had 2 Electron apps which just started showing a blank screen in the past few days. One of them was Anytype, the other was Beeper Cloud.

I posted on the Anytype forum for help, and the answer they gave me was to remove the directory in ~/.config/[App name]/GPUCache

Source: Entire UI is invisible on Linux - #2 by Razor - Any Help - Anytype Community

They said it was caused by a recent Fedora update.

I did this for both Anytype and Beeper and it fixed the problem for me in both apps.

Perfect, I did the same thing for Obsidian and the Heroic Game Launcher.

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dnf history rollback <transaction_id>

You can do dnf history info <transaction_id> to view details of a transaction before rolling it back.