Error: ../../grub-core/commands/loadenv.c:216:sparse file not allowed

I installed 34 onto my computer in uefi mode, and i am using btrfs file system

but i am getting the following error on every boot:

error: …/…/grub-core/commands/loadenv.c:216:sparse file not allowed.

how can i solve this?

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Reinstall the system with /boot on Ext4.
1955901 – loadenv.c:216:sparse file not allowed on boot with btrfs /boot

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Isn’t this an fedora bug?

fedora should work fine in uefi on btrfs!

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You need to create a separate /boot partition or use automatic partitioning.
Installing Using Anaconda :: Fedora Docs

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if i create separate /boot partition, then my system will have both legacy and uefi partition,
since i am new to linux, i have a question

is it ok to have both legacy and uefi partition on my machine?

and also currently i had disabled legacy boot in my bios settings. do i had to enabled it?

ones again thanx for reply :slight_smile:

The /boot partition is different from BIOS Boot.
Installing Using Anaconda :: Fedora Docs

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Thank you once again , :heart:

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No it won’t have legacy boot enabled unless you install that way.

The auto install method using uefi creates an esp partition for the efi files, an ext partition for /boot, and the rest is btrfs with 2 subvolumes, /root and /home.
On my VM with a clean install using the automatic partitioning the /boot/efi esp partition is ~400 MB, the /boot ext4 partition is ~1 GB, and the remainder of 35 GB is btrfs.


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