Error : ../../grub-core/console/loadenv.c:216:sparse file not allowed . this message appears while booting fedora

It may be that the OS was installed in manual partitioning and /boot is within a btrfs file system. Grub does not like that and can only be done with careful config.

When installing using the automatic partitioning the system creates a /boot partition as ext4, a /boot/efi partition as the ESP (fat32) partition, and then uses btrfs for the root and home subvolumes.

The only time I have seen that error is when /boot is contained within the btrfs file system.


can I change from btrfs to ext4 without reinstalling the distro?
(Note that the distribution is working, but after running it shows me an error in the problem reporting program)

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Error: ../../grub-core/commands/loadenv.c:216:sparse file not allowed

that is likely unrelated to the grub error message. I would ignore it for now if your system is working fine otherwise.