Encryption solution working on linux and Windows 10

Hello everyone,

I am looking for an encryption solution that would work on Linux and Windows 10.
I couldn’t open a LUKS volume on Windows 10 (with Librecrypt or with wsl).
I would like a solution other than Bitlocker (I guess Cryptsetup is now able to open volumes encrypted by bitlocker).

Do you know an encryption solution that works on both systems?

Can you be more clear about what you are trying to encrypt? A file? An entire filesystem?

For example, a veracrypt container should work cross-platform but does that meet your specific need?

i have two SSD drive, one with linux, the other with W10.
on one SSD, i would like to create a encrypt partition which could be opened by both systems.

as said previously, i cant opened LUKS partition on W10 with Librecrypt.
In some forums, some said it s possible with WSL, but “wsl --mount” command doesnt work on my system (dont know why)

so i m looking for another solution

you can look what you want.
edit veracrypt is a good option as suggested by @dalto

You could use a veracrypt container.

it’s OK with VeraCrypt.