Using / Install veracrypt for extern SSD with Ubuntu 22.04 / Fedora 37 and Windows 10

How to find and install the current version of “Veracrypt” to set a password on an external SSD for use with Ubuntu 22.04 / Fedora 37 and Windows 10.

You can download and install the latest available RPM package from the official site:

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Alternatively, you may consider using two partitions on that drive, each with a native file system. For example ext4 on the one you’re using with Linux and ntfs for Windows .

In that scenario you can encrypt

… using only onboard-tools. That means the decryption for partition 1 works on any Linux (without installing additional software) and for partition 2 on any Windows (without installing additional software).

In this case both systems are benefiting of their native file systems, which makes a difference when it comes to permissions, SELinux contexts and performance. Linux isn’t good on ntfs and Windows can’t write ext4/btrfs/xfs.


And I would add to this that (password protected) BitLocker volumes are supported on Fedora too without any additional software.

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