EGPU on Fedora. How does it work?

Hey everyone. I’m planning to get a new laptop soon.
As this machine will likely be my only system for the next 2 to 4 years, I am considering either getting one with a dGPU or get one without a dGPU and use an eGPU enclosure via TB.

SPecifically, I’m unsure if prime render offloaded will work with an eGPU attached, or if I will have to edit x.conf to specifically use the nVidia eGPU and not the dedicated one. There was a script on Github that would do this so perhaps it’s not as difficult as it seems to be.

Just to ensure eGPU?
P.S. I will likely be getting an Nvidia GPU BTW.

Hi Paul,
I am sorry to say that eGPU on Fedora 34 is hit-or-miss.

I am using Pop!_OS at present with an NVIDIA eGPU and egpuswitcher and it works great.

But I’d prefer Fedora honestly.

You can view my struggle here: eGPU appears but no dislay

Best of luck to you.