Dummy output and other issues on Acer chromebook 315 CB315-3H

I have a strange issue - I just installed fedora on this laptop and the sound doesn’t work, it says “Dummy output” when pressing the volume buttons. What is weird, when I connect headphones with jack cable the output goes to built in speakers. When I connect bluetooth headphones they work fine.
Another thing which might not matter much but I’d like to fix is that the delete button doen’t work, it seems not to be “connected” to it’s function? Same thing with some of the fn buttons but it doesnt bother me. for example the round arrow button probably should refresh, another two window buttons might have something to do with desktops etc.
I dont care much about those other things, but I really need to fix the sound issue.

The LHDB has a lot of info about hardware that works or does not work with linux. Your laptop may have some entries there and one should check to see its status.

Those of us here can usually assist if we have adequate information to answer

Thanks, I’m gonna ask there too, i did the probe, I don’t really know how it all works but I’m trying my best.

I think I didn’t give enough info so:
I made sure that the system is updated,
tried installing PulseAudioVolumeControl, then rebooted, that didnt work.
I also reinstalled something that I read on some forum should help, but it didn’t, sadly I dont remember what it was (i know, i know)

I have Fedora 38 Workstation Edition and my kernel is Linux 6.3.6-200.fc38.x86_64.

I’ve been also getting there weird errors, sometimes it was suddenly freezing and logging me out, it shown on screenshots, I thought it might be related.