Dual boots / chroots

I’ve got my workstation dual-booted now (Arch Linux and Silverblue (formerly known as Fedora Atomic Workstation 28). One of the joys of dual-booting is that I can be online in one side and chroot into the other side to do routine maintenance on the other.

I was able to chroot into Arch from Silverblue easily but I couldn’t figure out the other way around. Where is “root” on a deployed Silverblue installation?

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I’m not sure how well that would work, given that Silverblue seems to set up some things (like symlinks) at boot, and rpm-ostree is a daemon. You might have better luck with systemd-nspawn -b, which will start a full boot of Silverblue inside a chroot-like environment.

That being said, I believe the path would be /ostree/deploy/fedora-workstation/deploy/<deployment-hash>.


I know this is an old thread (and you may have already figured this out), but I think spreading as much Silverblue knowledge around as possible is for the greater good… I know that I was looking for how to chroot in silverblue…

Anyways, this comment mentions how to chroot into Silverblue deploys.