Dual boot

I created a live usb stick to install Fedora 34. I installed it to a usb drive (160 GB), configured Bios (UEFI) to start from USB, when rebooting the USB disk, wit the the installed Fedora, does not appear in the boot menu (also tried to boot in legacy mode, unsuccessfully). I don’t know what else to do!.. Would appreciate any help.

Can you share what you downloaded exactly and how you put it on the USB drive?

If I understood this correctly, you’ve installed fedora on a USB drive then went back to the BIOS and configured it to UEFI? If that’s what you did, then you will have to redo the whole process again, but first configure your BIOS to what you want THEN do the installation. When you install an OS then change the BIOS, you won’t see it.

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Step 1 : set up your BIOS they way you want.
Step 2 : Install Fedora on to your USB drive.
Step 3 : Reboot the machine and press F8 and choose your USB drive to boot.
Step 4 : Install Fedora

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Lets clarify the communication a little bit so we can understand what is being said.
Most of us download the iso image of the fedora live installer then either write it to the usb or burn it to the usb. That is NOT installing it to the usb. Installation is totally different.

We then set the bios to the mode we wish to use. It seems you wish to use uefi, but many systems have 3 modes. [Uefi only, uefi or csm, and csm only. (csm is legacy mode)] You should select uefi only if that is what you want, and if it only has the last 2 choices then select the uefi/csm pair.

Finally we boot the now live usb we just created with the iso image to do the install to the hard drive. For me, when I boot from a usb that has both uefi and legacy mode booting (as all recent fedora live images do), and I select the boot menu from bios, I see that usb device twice; once as legacy boot and once as uefi boot. If I intend to install in uefi mode then I select to boot the usb in uefi mode.

Once the usb is booted in uefi mode then you can do the install and it will set things up in uefi boot for you. If the usb is booted in legacy mode it will install in legacy mode and not uefi.

This is titled Dual Boot. Your description has nothing to do with dual boot.
I also would like to clarify your intent there. If you are actually intending to install dual boot with another OS, such as windows, you might want to review a dual boot installation tutorial.