(Dual boot) Windows is gone after Fedora resinstallation

Hello there. I’ve been using Fedora and Windows with dual boot for like a year and a half.
They are installed in diff hard drives.
I never used GRUB to choose an OS when my laptop was booted because it was never installed or idk, GRUB didn’t show up. I just simply pressed F12 and selected Win or Fedora with the BIOS boot menu.
Yesterday I decided to change from GNOME to KDE so, I Installed Fedora from zero with the Fedora Manager. I selected the hard drive where the old Fedora was installed and blah blah blah everything was fine.
However when I booted after installation and tried to go to Windows, it disappeared!
At Fedora, i checked the Win hard drive to see if my files were ok and yeah, everything is in its place, WIndows is just simple not there.
What can I do to get back my Windows?

Maybe “os prober” is disabled in the grub configuration

I would guess that the original install used the EFI partition on the windows drive and that with the new install it was not allowed to do so.

With that premise please post the output of lsblk as </> Preformatted text so we can see the device config. If you see a vfat partition on both drives it most assuredly is as noted.