Windows boot not starting after Fedora installation

Hi, may I ask for some help? Yesterday, I installed Fedora39 on my laptop using the USB. After installing it, I cannot use Windows. When choosing the Windows boot manager option, it returns to the option list, and I cannot start Windows. If I do not make the boot menu appear, my computer is automatically guided to Fedora.

I attached the result after running the command sudo ls /boot/efi/EFI/ and sudo fdisk -l.

I wonder why the problem occurred and what I should do. Is there any way I can retrieve Windows?


Did you format the EFI System Partition when installing Fedora? (There is a checkbox and you need to make sure it’s unset). If you did format the ESP, I guess you need Windows recovery tools to reinstall their bootloader…

It looks like the disk was wiped clean before installing linux. If you don’t have Windows on a second disk, it looks like Windows is gone for good.

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