Dual boot fedora with a different arch based distro?

Hi there, new here and thinking about using fedora with my other arch-based distro.

My laptop has two nvme drives with one running garuda linux and the other running windows. i want to remove windows and replace it with fedora 33-KDE. How do i setup dual boot with garuda?
Thanks :smiley:

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Hi, Fedora is cool, as for me i choose it ten years ago.

Maybe this guide can help you Dual boot Arch Linux with another Linux (os-prober) | Average Linux User

Or you can simply install Fedora Linux on the second drive and use laptop boot menu (something like f11 and f12 usually). Two drives with two independent boot loaders.

Do not forget to backup all data from drive, where you want to install fedora.

And remember, fedora is not best choice for users, who have a bit of experience and who want more stability and no one bug. This OS has new features, but often different count of bugs.

If you want to try Fedora, simplest way is using of VirtualBox, Gnome Boxes or other VM.


thanks a lot!

I think i’ll use it as a virtual machine for school related stuff before getting rid of win10 :smile:

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