Dual Boot with other linux distros

Hi! My first post here in Ask Fedora-

I have Fedora 31 runninng on an old Fuitsu Esprimo with several other linux distros and it has been fiunctioning very well. I am now preparing a SSD to be used with different computers , a macbook 7.1 included.

I have installed Manjaro, Mint, Endeavour and Slackware and all boot smoothly in different computers.

Now I want to install Fedora as my next option but I am not sure Fedora 34 will accept dual or multi boot with other linux. I have found many links to dual Windows/Fedora and extremely few for Fedora with other linux and most of these did not relate success.

I tried to install with Fedora Media Writer but I did not dare to let the installer decide which partition to place Fedora. The disk has an empty space and it seems the installer will rather choose that space and partition it. I had prepared a partition in ext4 format where I expected to have Fedora, but could not find a way to point it there. Any tips or advice wellcome.

You do NOT want to use mediawriter for your install. It will wipe out everything else on the disk and only put the iso file there as if it were the whole disk.

Install it the same as you did for all the other distros on that disk if you want it as a bootable and usable install. Fedora coexists with other OSes just the same as the rest.

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