Dropbox tray icon menu theme not matching

I’m on Fedora 35 and using Gnome extension tray icons reloaded and Dropbox software from their website.
The issue I have is the menu when I right click on the tray icon is not matching the Gnome shell theme Adwaita-dark.
Is there something I can config to change the theme for the Dropbox menu? Thanks!

Hi @sams3402 Is dropbox menu the only with this problem? Other dropdown menus are consistent with Adwaita? Did you try preferences from Dropbox? Read Help from Dropbox? Dropbox long time did not have dark mode theme, maybe this is a dropbox matter?


Hi Jaap

Thanks for replying.

The problem is only with Dropbox. All the other tray icon menus work and there isn’t a setting in Dropbox to change themes.

I’ll try to ask Dropbox or Gnome support if they have some suggestions as well.

Edit: Asked on Gnome and did a bit more searching and found out Dropbox uses their own version of Qt and unable to overide it with Qt theme tools.