How to refresh Nautilus icons?

Hi guys!

A while ago I used a software that syncs folders.

I already removed it a while ago but since my Nautilus icons keep showing this syncing flavor.

How can I refresh the icons and get rid of this syncing attribute?



Just try to select an other theme or at least other icons … if it is gone try to change back to see if it’s normal too.

It might be something cached. Probably you can just look for the option “open as” and select Nautilus.

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Sadly, changing the theme doesn’t help.

It all works correctly in Thunar though!

It’s hard to say what may have happened without knowing what software it was—could we know that please?

Dropbox installs icons here: ~/.dropbox-dist/dropbox-lnx.x86_64-114.4.426/images/hicolor/, for example, and I don’t think this folder is removed when one uninstalls the dropbox package. So in this case, one may have to delete this folder manually etc.

If you tell us what software you were using, a user may be able to verify and help.

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Thanks @FranciscoD!

I deleted this folder but they are still showing.

The only other app I can remember was Insync.

I checked ~/.config/Insync but there are no icon folders there.

We really need more specific information here. How did you install these tools? Were they rpms or shell scripts or something else? What versions? How did you remove them? Have you logged out or rebooted since removing them? Etc.

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Thanks for your help!

dnf install

They came directly from the Dropbox and Insync repos. I don’t recall having any other syncing software installed.

The latest ones available.

dnf remove